Mat Meet 2010 - The countdown has started

T-minus 47 hours and counting here at mission control.

So the swell looks good, check it here

Mark Thomson has been doing his best Johnny Appleseed impression visiting surf shops and spreading the word.

The word is, "Ride a Mat!"

I have been getting emails from new matters up and down the coast stoked to go to the mat meet on Sunday.

Regular surf board sites are doing surf mat posts!

Jason Hall even posted a brief video on his site Daily Bread after Jonathan and I ran into him at HQ the other day. (Just to set the record straight, no new moves, we were just trying to adjust to the chilly water temperatures. Jason was using his 5/4/3 mill with hood.  It's August!)

So Sunday morning (morning means many things to many people) at Cottons the local mat tribe will gather and ride a few.  

I will be sending out the final full yet confusing email to those on my list later today.

But I wanted to end this post with one thought.

I love to ride the mat
but the most fun to be had at these things
is the new friends I've met.  


pranaglider said…
surf report - still cold, high tide, and a side order of wind. BUT there were some signs of the new SW swell.
misterdirk said…
Glad the waves are coming. We're getting excited. Really looking forward to meeting all you good folks in person!
pranaglider said…
MisterD - Likewise!

TF - no staying up too late on Saturday night!

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