I swiped this beautiful shot of the moon over the trestle from Nebulous Continuum.  For me it perfectly invokes that "I surfed the glass off until dark and then went home tired yet satisfied" vibe. I can feel the sand under my feet and smell the chaparral. Check out his blog

The power was out at my house most of the night.

First they Edison guys woke us up to tell us the power was going out

next there was a bunch of noise, a generator and every dog in the neighborhood with their comments.

I like to think they were trying to help " no dawg don't cut the green wire cut the red one!

At least that's what I was thinking as I lay in bed counting down the hours until I had to get up.

I live in a "all electric house of the future" which means if there is no power you are cold, hungry and tired.

So this morning although the power has been restore I've got nothing for you.

Fortunately,  it seems that EVERYONE else in cyber mat ville has posted more goodies from last Sundays meet.

Jason has released a new edit of his video from Sunday which I will call the "Directors Cut". I've got to get to the library today so I can see this in all its glory.  Have I mentioned this post that dial-up sucks?

Dirk posted some snapshots from Sunday on The Mat Movie site, so be sure you check that out. I have looked at a few and they are great.  Thanks again Dirk!

SurfMatters has hosted several posts on the gathering and has some more this morning.

Which brings me to Surf Sister

Somehow she under the mistaken impression that she is not very far along the learning curve with her mat riding.  Clearly this shot shows that she has a firm grasp of the mat both figuratively and literally!  There is nothing else to but relax, hold on and enjoy the ride.

While writing all of this, Teacher of the Year, Andy Smith has posted a nice piece on his blog Born To Lose. When I grow up I want to be Mr. Smith.  Father (of a newborn that's sleeping through the night!), Husband, Teacher, owner of an insane quiver, surfs his brains out all summer, writes a few things for the mags and have you seen his latest at Drift?   Yep, when I grow up I want to be Andy.

So that's it for today, the sun is up, the power is on and there is still swell!

It's going to be a good day!


pranaglider said…
surf report - still solid swell showing but early wind chopping it up
Surfsister said…
Ha ha!! I was channeling you guys during the session in which this picture was taken. Now I'm feeling all hot and bothered . . . because I've got mat fever!

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