Back to the Grind

Today's favorite of the Dirk and Company photos is the one above. Graham with a massive mat quiver, deciding which brush to choose this particular Cotton's morning.

The neighbors rolling by on their groovy Schwinn Collegiate with kid carrier up front and dog side cars

The mat meet is slowly retreating in the rear view mirror of my awareness it's nice to get back into the little bubble I call my life.

Picked up a great book from the library, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow.  If you are familiar with Doctorow's SF writing you know he is busier that ten normal people and in addition to cranking out SF at an alarming pace, he is very active in the intellectual property debate,  co -edits the blog Boing-Boing and probably donates blood twice a week while. Generally I hate people like that but the writing is so good  I let it slide.  Down and out in the Magic Kingdom is good too.

The Queen of the Night or night blooming Cereus went off last night.  The flowers begin to open around dusk and are done by early morning.  The high point of the summer garden although the sunflowers and tomatoes would beg to differ...

One more thing

Looking at the video of the mat meet yesterday I was stoked we caught it in all it's down the line, speed run glory.  For the next one let's go somewhere hollow.  Just something to think about.


Mateo said…
Thats the sickest quiver ive EVER seen!

Does your Night bloomer produce fruit later?

Some amazing 6$/ib fruits come from hand pollinating at night...

Beloved Cherimoya and the closely related to yours, Pitaya (dragon fruit)

If theres one thing im into as much as Mat surfings, its the garden...
pranaglider said…
Mateo - No, I have never got an fruit or seed pods. It's not a local plant so we don't have the appropriate insect for fertilization. Hand pollinating is a thought. I've never gotten past how beautiful the flower is. Stoked to hear you are into the garden! Maybe we can trade cuttings etc.

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