Sunday Sunday Sunday

The new and final date and destination for the mat meet is

Cottons Point, San Clemente on Sunday August 22

(I will send out an email with more detail later in the day, if you want to be on the list let me know)

More Sacred Craft

Double stand up tube with room for more!

I have a lot of pictures from Sacred Craft and I'm still trying to organize the shots into cohesive groups.

So much to see at the show, all sorts of boards, blanks, planers, shapers, glassers, fins, wetsuits and more!

The Korduroy booth may have been my favorite.

They had movies, free snacks, a place to sit down and free tubes!

Glassy conditions between sets


Back-dooring the peak was the only way to go

way back, rail set and driving for daylight

double fit pump claim for that one!

There are some, and I counted myself amongst them for a while that found the tarp tube to be more craft than sacred, some might even say blasphemous. But as I watched the crowd, everyone was smiling, stoked and happy that the kids were having fun. If you think about it, surfing and all of the technological advances from Simmons working on new materials and new angles to Burch working on, well new materials and new angles, its all about having fun.  For me that about covers it.


pranaglider said…
Surf Report - Driving down PCH the radio talking about a heat wave and how summer is finally here. Right now, the beach is cold foggy and the surf is small. Time to change the channel.
Surfsister said…
Keep me on the list. I still plan to be there (even though my mat riding skills are, uh, shall we say interesting?).
pranaglider said…
Surfsister - I will be great to have you there! Phil Edwards once said about surfing that, "the best one out is the one having the most fun". Not the exact quote I'm afraid and that approach doesn't get enough ink these days but the idea is as true today as it was when he said it.
Come have fun.
Hear, hear!

I've stuck a link to this post on the UKMS forum so hopefully that'll trawl some in for ya.

Best of luck with this!



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