Summers comin in and it's goin out in style

Still buzzed from the mat meet on Sunday.

The swell is still pumping and it looks like we will even have some Summer weather for a while.

Woo Hoo!

That when you add the constant drone of Back-to-School marketing in the background it all has me in a pretty good mood.

The full moon is today and those of you that like to gaze up into the night sky you will get a decent view of Mars as it passes close by.

Happy gliding to those matters using the full moon for a nighttime assault on the Bu!

Mars, the Roman god of war, the son of Juno and Jupiter, husband of Bellona, and the lover of Venus.
Mars gets around!

The next seasonal event is the Autumnal Equinox, next month on September 23 coinciding with the next full moon.

So why, in a surf blog am I going on about celestial events?


Whenever I have intense experiences, things that draw my focus to the all consuming ME I try to remember to  pay attention to something well beyond my own personal melodrama.  For me it helps keep me heading in a balanced direction.

Change is constant

Balance is key

A lot like riding a mat!


pranaglider said…
surf report - No Surf Report today. I had a job interview instead. But the weather is beautiful and I don't see much wind...
Surfsister said…
Good luck on the job front. Something tells me the mat meet is a sign of good things coming your way.

Went out on the mat today. Guess what? I went left? Not straight. Left! I got to see the face of the wave for a bit. Dropped in like I saw you guys do it on Sunday. Oh my god! Eureka!!! There were many "a ha!!" moments for me out there today.

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