I'm calling it mat tofu cause there was no mat meet

I had a very nice day surfing yesterday.

Although the waves weren't large, the smaller, shorter waves inside were fun.

You really missed it, you should have been there yesterday!


misterdirk said…
Hey, you got wet, more than I can say. And no doubt you felt better afterward!
tuskedbeast said…
Yup, what Dirk said. After weeks upon weeks of dry dock, my relationship with surfing is beginning to resemble your drawing.
pranaglider said…
Mr. D - I had a great day! Tried out the waxed canvas, which works out fantastic BTW and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the water.

TB - Normally there is extensive photo and video documentation of these events. Just trying to keep you all in the loop ;)
Surfsister said…
I didn't get wet yesterday either! Oh well. Prana got wet for all of us.

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