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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's hot

not really summer heat wave hot
but hot enough for me to open the door to let in some of that delightfully cool pre-dawn air in.

It has come to my attention that the Nike US Open of Surfing 2011 is starting up this weekend so be fore warned that traffic, hodads, creatures of the night, a little bit of everything will be descending on HB for the next week to ten days.

Probably not any different that any other summer weekend at the beach.

They have built a massive action sports complex just south of the pier so maybe 11 on a scale of 10 on the crazy meter.

If you follow the link above, you have my condolences

Here is a picture of Huntington on a winter weekday

Just imagine what the summer weekend contest crowds will be like!

I am, quite literally, as we speak (IM ing SurfSister in another window) trying to figure out a place for the next mat meet. (Did you know she doesn't drink coffee!?)

Anyway this is your chance to have some input to the meets.

I got an email from MAT MAX regarding the new site he setup.

Swap Obs Rather Than Money is a barter site so if you have ever been curious about how the whole barter economy works give it a look see.

On a side note, if the powers that be, and by that I only sort of mean the Congress of the United States doesn't get their act together we may all become very familiar with the barter system in short order.

Anyone interested in some tomatoes? The heirloom ones are groovy (sorry couldn't resist), the Roma's are volunteers from last year and the delicious dots to the right are Sun Golds


Surfsister said...

Nope. No coffee for this chica. I will drink a nice cup of tea though.

pranaglider said...

Just teasing about the coffee I go for yerba mate if I get a choice. but some mornings call for coffee. Extra extra sugar and cream, thank you very much.