What ya reading?

While it is true that winter has more dark hours that are perfect for curling up with a good book,

The summer has more light hours that are prefect for lounging around reading a good book...

what can I say, I prefer reading to TV

I got the literary tip on this one and while I don't often read translated Russian novels this one is quite good!

When I put out the call among the other "Prisoners of Lake Forest" this was one of the suggestions I got back. "Go soak your head" was another but I couldn't find that one at the library.  I have never read LeCarre before and this one is not bad at all.

I avoided SciFi for years.  Although I don't do anything that is even remotely like science I do sit for hours every day in front of a computer. I have always thought of SciFi as a Western mixed with two parts hog wash and a dash of no-way-does-a-computer-system-ever-work-like-that!  
It seems that I was misinformed.
There are a host of new writers (and some not so new) that can spin a decent yarn and get the details right.

Reading something good?

Fling me the title in the comments.

If I watch the nightly news I'll break out in a rash


Ernie Hemingway said…
Kem Nunn surf novels are well written light summer reading, much better than watching Wheel of Fortune or Dancing with the stars after dinner- Amazon review Kem Nunn's earlier surfing novel Tapping the Source was nominated for an American Book Award. In The Dogs of Winter, he draws again on the eternal legends and tall tales of surfers. Jack Fletcher is a pill-popping photographer on the skids who lucks into the assignment of photographing the aging surfing legend Drew Harmon and two young pros at the Heart Attacks in Northern California--an appropriately difficult-to-reach and shark-infested "mysto spot" reputed to have 30-foot waves. Not all dangers lurk in the ocean, however. The local Indians are unfriendly to outsiders and to each other; Harmon's young wife is obsessed with Indian witchcraft and a murdered local girl; and Harmon cloaks his own demons in laconic surfer-deity mystique. The hapless Fletcher and a local tribal council worker named Travis McCade desperately try to avert the curl of disaster that builds and breaks in this heavily atmospheric novel.
pranaglider said…
Ernie, Long time no hear, I thought you were dead!

That said, I read Dogs of Winter a while back and liked it Nunn has an interesting way with Surf Noir. Good Stuff
STW said…
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell. From the same guy who wrote The Cloud Atlas. Don't let the historical language fool you, it is a great read, full of back stabbing, escapes and social history, all wrapped up in near perfect metaphors.
pranaglider said…
STW - Thanks for the tip I'll check it out. After the tour ends the evenings stretch out into a long cold highway to infinity without something to read.
Ernie H. in Costa Mesa said…
You can read my copy of 1000 Autumns if you want. It is a winner of the Man Booker award last year? Yours if you want it....
pranaglider said…
Ernie, Thank you very much for the offer of the book loan! I am full up on reading material thru the end of the Tour de France and I already reserved a copy of 1000 Autumns and a couple others at the library for the end of the month.

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