At least it's better than working

So back to work this morning
my ever so short vacation
disappearing in the rear view mirror
like the extinguished side of the road grass fire
that tied up the freeway for hours
on our last trip back up from SD

checking my mail this morning
dozens of requests
all the corporate equivalent
of the shapers lament
"is my board done yet?"

No and at the current rate
you won't see your
report or account or data or
have your problem fixed
hell freezes over
or at least until
which ever
comes first

Never go on vacation
and if you do
never come back!

Surfwise you'll need to cobble together
several small wind swells
a decent tide
a just deal with a bit of wind
to get something good to ride
or you can just
jump in the water
and enjoy the day!

 At least it's better than working

The end


Piskian said…
Doesn't that elephant's tail remind you of the finger signposts in the Dr Suess film The 5000 Fingers of Dr T?
Or is it just me?
pranaglider said…
I thought it looked like another elephant growing out of the back of the original. But I can see the Suessiness of it as well.

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