plumeria on the porch

Posting today wedged in between two shots of the plumeria on the porch
(How can my spelling checker not know the word plumeria? There aught to be a law! On the other hand that's one for me and untold thousands for the spelling checker)

While the vegetation in the general vicinity of the casa is doing quite well I am still recovering from the weekend.  Nothing to be  recovering from especially, I'm just recovering. 

The weather has been warming up and it reminds me of my youth when months were spent wearing nothing more than a pair of trunks, an old t-shirt and and ever changing pair of flipflops (29 cents at Savon and they lasted about 23 days then they spontaneously combusted on your feet as you walked along.    Start off in the morning with "shoes" and by the time evening came, no shoes! Where did those buggers go???)

We would call this time Summer

I have included a link to a wiki page in case any of you want to look it up as a matter of historical perspective.

Of course we haven't had a summer in these parts for quite some time 

Maybe 67 or 69 I reckon, perhaps in the 70's there might have been one or two

Looking back it seems we only get a couple ever decade.

So keen your eyes wide open because we could be having one right now and if you aren't paying attention you might just miss it 

In looking at the wave models I would say that there is no chance of a surf mat meet this weekend.

The weekend after next has much better possibilities so stay tuned!


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