DIY Blog Post

Today we will have a DIY post here on 23B

You will need a few things




. , ; !!

(I thru in an extra ! because I use them a lot, so I've been told)

Here are some spaces "    "

(I put them in quotes because they are hard to see. You could put one down and forget where you left it.)

Looks like you will need some parentheses () () so there's a couple of sets

There you are! The full DIY blog kit !!!

Have a happy day ;)


pranaglider said…
Oh and coffee you need lots and lots of coffee!
Eef said…
i love the kit!

and the picture of the mat too, i think i have the same one! Bought it in Portugal in a store that had only inflatable toys. The mat was in a hidden corner with rust on the rings that the rope goes through. It felt really sollid an d was cheap too. What kind of mat is it?

aloha from holland,

pranaglider said…
Eef, glad you like the kit! I try to post everyday but some days the post is better than others. Yesterday's post was really a challenge to readers to think about what goes into a post and how they might create their own. The mat is a low grade pool toy sold in the US by Intex. They are red/blue canvas with grommets and a cotton rope. They leak by the second day. That said I keep one in my car to explain to people the difference between a good mat and a cheap 10 dollar one. BTW I really like you work on
Eef said…
hey Prana!!

thanks a lot! I think mine still doesn't leak, but is gone MIA in the shed at the moment. When i find it again i'll pump it up and see how it is.

here is a pic of my mat, it is red on the other side indeed!



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