Crystal Voyager at Shelter on Saturday

I have never seen the whole movie end to end

I've seen the You Tube clips but never the whole movie.

Combine that with watching it outside on a summer evening with the local crew

It's gonna be great! I hope to see you there.

Free Outdoor Screening of George Greenough and Albert Falzone’s Classic Surf Film 
“Crystal Voyager” on July 30th!
2148 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90808

Check out the Shelter pages (blog, facebook etc) for more info

Lots out there on the internets this morning

Check out Cyrus Sutton's two part series on Wayne Lynch at Surfers Journal

Mr. Lynch has discovered the joy! A very nice piece and an interesting look at one of surfing most creative individuals.

 Saving perhaps the best for last is a piece on the UK Mat Surfers site by our own Greyman.

All that Matters 

very good stuff!


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