Looking Furthur


I have been thinking about the coming winter lately

It would be better to just enjoy the very nice summer we have been having

but I watch the plants

I see Summer fading

I  dream of futures past

and plans must be made!

My mind drifts to the Fall and Winter swells that will arrive,

precisely in their time.

My goal is the classic "get away from it all"

maybe tramp around a bit in search of a pristine peak.

I usually can't get away for a long spell

but a two day trip is not out of the question.

Maybe just a nice long walk would be sufficient to get me away from the road and away from the worst of the crowds.

The pack above made by Rivendell Mountain Works could be just the thing to bring in my mat, a wetsuit, fins, lunch and misc. There are a few custom options as well and it has the added benefit of being produced by a cottage industry by people that really care about the product.

I know I'm not the first to contemplate this sort of thing, what are you using to lug about your gear?


Anonymous said…
I carried my full size UDT's around to a million outdoor supply shops stuffing into day packs until I found the right size for fins,wetty and towel.
chiledub said…
Mystery Ranch in Bozeman, MT makes great packs.....http://www.mysteryranch.com/site/index.html

super XL UDTs
3/2 or 5/3 wet suit, gloves, booties
first aid kit
sun screen
Piskian said…
plastic bag.it's not nuclear brain surgery science.and as Ned's Atomic Dustbin clearly stated," Nothing is Cool".

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