Look another mat meet on the horizon!

Looks like the next mat meet will be at Cottons.

Date as yet to be determined

We need a swell and the tide shouldn't be too high etc

Looking forward to seeing some more new faces as we continue our southerly meander.

The whole thing has a Johnny Appleseed meets Gathering of the Tribes meets Woodstock feel to it.

Some overnight camping and the whole deal would blow up!
(but only half way because...well you know)

The middle of next month looks favorable but it all depends on the swell.


Have it on 13-14th. We could have our meets on the same day then!

Maybe even a combination video...

pranaglider said…
G, I thought about that but the 13th is a full moon. You know how these mat riders are around a full moon. I don't know if enough mat riders would be able to make bail in time to make the meet! We'll see we need to wait for some swell. Summer in So Cal is nice but there can be some wicked flat spells.
Same across the whole northern hemi unfortunately...


Quiver said…
I'd really like to go to another meet-up, but there was only the one in Northern Cal. I'll be in San Diego part of the week and weekend of Nov 19th, if I can put a vote in.
Surfsister said…
I don't see why we can't try for a winter mat meet as well, Quiver!
pranaglider said…
Quiver, I totally agree with SurfSister that the meets will continue on thru the winter.
Mateo said…
Id love to tackle the Lane on a big swell! I could hear them now "why is that guy jumping off the cliff with a trashbag?"

We need a meet up in Oregon! Birthplace of the modern mat!

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