Fluffy is not amused!

All year I patiently wait for summer

I surf a little, 

make some pizza

topped with ingredients fresh from the garden

My wife has been known to whip up a little something from the apple tree

Mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and basil.
Too bad this blog doesn't have Smell-O-Vision!

The end to a truly perfect day includes watching the Tour de France boys pedal through the peaceful French country side.  

The riders are OK. If you consider 30 plus stitches OK.  They actually got up after that, got back on their bikes and finished the race!

Two things

Maybe sending out the mat signal for next Sunday on the south side of Huntington Beach pier.  As I mentioned in a previous post they do the black ball thing.  
Surf  forecast doesn't look too bad. 
Small, but it could be fun!
So let me know if you are in.

Last thing, why is fluffy not amused?

I don't do anchovy  pizza!


Jeffrey said…
That looks great. I'm hungry again. Great recipe. Great blog too.After Builders Cleaning.
Pizza looks amazing..and aawww poor fluffy! =(

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