Custom water camera used to shot Big Wednesday

Found this over on Surfer.mag 

A variety of items being auctioned off

George Greenough water camera used to shoot Big Wednesday
The ultimate Greenough find! The modified movie camera that he used to film the segments in “Big Wednesday” and other film projects. In George’s own words: “This camera was custom built to shoot surfing in 35mm using Panavision lenses up to 200mm. The original camera is an Arriflex II C. The problem with putting this camera in a housing was weight. You couldn’t focus and hold the camera at the same time. I needed a balanced shoulder mounted camera to be able to pull focus while shooting. I had to redesign the viewfinder, take the camera apart and build a waterproof, lightweight housing for it. This took about 500 hours to do. The end result was excellent balance while shooting “Big Wednesday.” I used lenses up to 200 mm shooting off a mat. The camera is easy to focus while shooting and I’ve used it for a variety of other projects since.” Now it’s your chance to get a piece of cinematic history. Pre-auction estimate: $10,000-$15,000

No excuses now for not having great water shots!

Heavy swells were expected along Mexico's Pacific coast as Hurricane Dora strengthened into a Category 4 storm Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said.


Piskian said…
Hope GG gets some of the dosh!
Can't imagine how he managed to carry those cameras on the mat, and keep the shooting steady.incredible.
pranaglider said…
Piskian - I'm kind of surprised this camera was in private hands. I heard he got the camera from the studio to use on the movie but didn't like how it worked so he made some "adjustments".
Unknown said…
That rig should be in a surf museum. It represents both amazing craftsmanship and the pinnacle of the celluloid analogue surf era. Might put a bid in myself! Check GG's seq's at Sunset when this movie revisits the Big Screen - incredible! Thanks for the update PG
Dirty Hippy said…
Life behind the lens....

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