Down is where I let you

I said the magic incantations

I threw silver upon the waters

I would have burnt a surfboard in a bonfire as a surf sacrifice

(but that's just stupid!)

Still when I checked out the surf this morning

It was small

and windy

With the right attitude

and a mat

it could have been fun

But I didn't have the one and didn't what to blow up the other.

Until next time


Mate you should live IN THE UK"

You'd have been all over it like a cheap coat!


Mattitude said…
HI this is mattitude .we did not arrive till 7:30 looked and saw no matters but went out anyway.
one of our new guys hauled his very very pregnant wife up from laguna and had a nice go pro set up he filmed with.
we rode for 2 hours and the surf was actually very fun and got more glassy as the morning went on.
another matter peter from carson joined us a bit into the session amd we were 4 strong .
many of the surfers mentioned seeing matters at this spot a few weeks ago !
pranaglider said…
Glad you guys had a good time!

It just wasn't my day.

I heard the water finally warmed up

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