Bolsa Chica Surfmeet Recap

The Bolsa Chica mat meet when off yesterday in the classic fashion we have come to expect of these events.

Photo by Ken Samuels

Attendance - Everyone that said they were coming made the show. I think the final count of matters was 8 give or take the people I'm not recalling at the early hour I'm writing this post (5:23 am Monday)

New friends - Pete from the South Bay made it down for this event after missing the last couple. Super stoked, the proud owner of not only a nice board quiver but PY has taken advantage of one of Paul's get three mat deals. Looks like he is into the mats for the long haul and we will be seeing him at the future events.

Classic summer surf conditions - Lite overcast in the morning burning off to blue skys around noon. Overnight we lost one South West swell and traded it for another, slightly steeper one. "You should have been here yesterday" and what's more summer than that. Not to say that it was flat, just not as peaky as Saturday, but the pushing tide present ample opportunity to grab some good ones outside.

Ken was there to record the fun for posterity. Of course I forgot to bring my point and shoot to record any interesting beach / parking lot action. But just as well.  While I am on the topic I would like to say "thank you" to Ken for recording our antics and nominate him for "mat rider of the year", the sports highest honor.

You can find all the photos at Surfmatters and on FaceBook in the "In Greenough We Trust" group.

Awesome display of Natures power - California Brown Pelicans were a normal part of the local ecosystem as the name suggests. Sadly they were completely wiped out of the local waters but the use of the pesticide DDT. Slowly the poison has leached out of the food chain over the last few decades and the pelicans are making a come back. We were honored by a pod of pelicans putting on a fishing demo in the surf line. Dozens, too many for me to count really, along with the rest of the local sea birds looking for scraps worked their way up the coast chasing a school of fish. It was an amazing sight, and for me, it was the highlight of a very fine day.

Thanks for everyone for coming!


Love the wildlife. Proper glassy day.

pranaglider said…
Gman - The conditions were nice. The wildlife was spectacular!

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