Against the Day

400 pages in and I have already had to renew the loan from the library once.

Pynchon's work is like a dense rich meal and I just can't seem to read 100 pages at a crack like I do with most things.

Since I have already read Vineland, Inherent Vice, The Crying Lot of 49 and took a stab at Gravity's Rainbow I know I will finish this and start on GR again.

It is an interesting read and a great exercise program. 


Holding a 1000 page book at my narrow acceptable focal length.

No yoga butt for me.

Heavy book reader's forearms is the new black. 


Unknown said…
even for a Monday morning, those last three lines in your post had me smiling - cheers!
pranaglider said…
So glad you liked it. Even at my most bizzare you see the pearls. Cheers!

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