Don't go near the water

so there you have it


I hope you enjoyed it

If we get five more just like it

we will still be under the average rainfall

A fair amount of damage

mudslides below the hillsides


high tides and high surf

Gaviota pier broken off

the odd ocean front restaurant damaged

(table 3 would like their water glasses refilled when you get a minute)

Still probably the most dangerous thing in the water

are the pollutants

microbial, toxins,

street oil, dog poop,

and any things else that fits in the storm drain ...

plus the nuclear waste

don't tell me the something with a half life of thousands of years

is going to magically disappear

in the Pacific

like a lost fishing boat in a storm

But in a few days it will be Spring

and as they say

hope Springs Eternal....

And as I sit

watching the sunrise

with the cat on my lap

(in addition to personal protection services my duties include providing heat on cold or damp mornings)

I am looking forward

to sunshine

to warm water

and surf


Surfsister said…
I'm not getting in there yet. I don't think it's clean.
pranaglider said…
I got plenty of storm surf when I was young and my immune system was still minty fresh... now a days I pass and wait for conditions and the water quality to clean up
Robin Thomson said…
So grateful I live In a still pristine environment where I don't have to concern myself with the possibility that toxins inhabit the ocean I am entering. As it is also one of the most environmentally conscious communities is has a chance of remaining that way too.
pranaglider said…
SoCal can best be described as a once beautiful mediterranean climate oasis wedged between a dry area and the ocean. Now it's a way overcrowded cesspool that drains to the bay when it rains, with a desert on one side. Once I can find somewhere that resembles the OC from the "good old days" I'm gone...

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