A nice morning

but there is already wind on it

Settling for a trip around the garden

This is called "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".  A long name for a spindly little plant. The flowers come out white then turn purple (ok maybe lavender whatever) in a few days.

Not actually in the garden but came across this eucalyptus tree on a walk.  They shed their bark as they grow. Nice colors sometimes.  They were originally brought into the area to be grown and cut into railroad ties but alas they don't make good ties so the local farmers planted them to block the wind. They get big and have mostly been cut down in these parts and replaced by palm trees that go with the design template for "Southern California"

 A real beauty we got from Cher and Steve Pendo. I don't think we have anything in the garden that blooms so profusely! Just when one stock is done three more spring up. Pendo-flex-it! It's in a pot next to the plumerias in the "tropical section" of the garden (that's where the drier vent is)

This first year cutting of "Joy Edstrom" really wants to bloom!

These are Epiphyllum cuttings

I've had good luck with the white night blooming varieties so I when for some epis that have more color.

More photos if we get blooms this year.


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