Some great stuff over at SurfMatters , a community surf mat blog with multiple contributors. Paul Gross is a frequent contributor and his photos of Greenough are not to be missed. My personal Brownie (that's a camera) has neither a waterproof nor a "way back" setting so you had best stop by an check it out over there.

Since we are talking about New Zealand blog also check out Coffee Waffle. "One man and his dog, blogging from Nelson New Zealand". Excellent photography and while mat surfing isn't covered there are enough great photos of other topics to keep you interested.

About to go check out the first post "fall back" surf morning in a few. There is some fresh NW swell in the water and it should be fun, if the wind isn't on it.

PS Thanks for obliging my foray into political blogging. Those that wrote into the blog or my personal accounts were all great!

Remember to exercise your right to Vote tomorrow!


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