It's raining,

the waves are blown to smithereens

and are made up of all sorts of nastiness

that the drainage systems of SoCal

can collect and deposit in our ocean.

So I am at home drinking hot tea watching surf movies

Planet C is perhaps one of the greatest surf movies of all time!

I have watched the scenes of GnarGnar surf this point break a 1000 times

and every time I am thinking about how much fun it would be on a mat!!!

Here is a composite clip of State of S and Fantasea showing what that would look like

Stay warm stay dry!


asmith said…
Thanks for the clips. I've yet to see "Invasion!"
Piskie said…
ah mate it`s just dirt-get out there,ye great girl`s blouse!!
23 Breaths said…

LOL, great stuff, mate!

But actually it's not the dirt.

I have been known to have a roll around so the dirt's not a problem.

A few months ago there were several large "wild" fires up the local drainage.

Hundred's of homes were burned up along with the contents.

That along with all the street oil and anything else anyone wants to get rid of and "pours it out".

It's a soup alright.

So that and I just wouldn't feel right swimming around in my neighbor's hopes and dreams.

Besides did you see the dead animal in the pictures over at Dalybread?

Do you know what that would do if I hit it while on the mat?

Rip city baby!

My tea is ready.

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