Stormy Weather

Normally I would go with Leana Horne but since today we are celebrating the Solstice I thought I would treat you to Ella and Joe Pass.

Here in SoCal, as Kaser put so appropriately put it on his blog "we all have dry gills".

It's not that you couldn't go out in the water but there really is no reason to.

You know it's bad when the local surf forecaster throws in the towel and just starts giving a snow report.

Then we get to the title of tonight's blog entry which alludes to the weather forecast for the next five days. No hope in sight, Ho Ho Ho.

On the flip side of the coin is the fact that the southern hemisphere is starting their spring cycle.

Check Surfmatters for MatMax enjoying some spring time matting.

PS the landscape shot that appears in the Some photos from NZ blog post is amazing. Nice shooting MaxDad! Click on the picture and you will understand why I have always wanted to go on a trip to New Zealand.

If you haven't visited Mr Smith's blog Born to Lose now is a good time. It looks like he and artistic genius Tom Threinen (a mat rider) got together to sample some of San Diego's finest. Tom has also sketched some frames of Don Redondo riding a mat! Maybe Drew Kampion will take "The Adventures of Don Redondo" down the mat riding path. Speaking of Path, check the Surfer's Path for a ton of great content pictures and stuff you won't find on the er and ing websites.

I will leave you with one final thought

Everything changes,

The surf conditions are so bad right now

that there is no where to go but


(ie the Winter Solstice signifies the shortest day of the year so starting tomorrow the days will start getting longer, and hopefully warmer)


Okemah said…
Probably one of the classiest pairings in all of jazz! Thanks for the clip Prana! Looks like more rain today....more youtube surfing instead of matting!
pranaglider said…
O - Great stuff indeed!
I spend too much time "surfing" the net (on a 56k modem!) and not enough in the water lately.

Check the clip over on
Patch said…
Happy New Year Prana!
KYScoast said…
You can't top Ella and Joe Pass with much of anything. Prana, you slayed me with it.

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