Something Different

For some reason I feel like a long board.

I can't saw why,

I don't even like long boards

which is not to say that I don't think they have a place in my quiver

My first boards were “short boards” that were cut out of long boards

I currently own the following

9 0 Phil Edwards -3 stick
9 10 Mike Minchinton -1 stringer
9 4 Yater SurfTech -?
9 0 RA Wingnut – 4 stick

Plus three more boards in the 8 0 envelope although I wouldn't necessarily class them as long boards

I have surfed all of those boards enough to feel comfortable on them but then I moved on to other things.

Mat photos courtesy of Daily Bread

Mostly the mat

Which is a “quiver in a bag” ©

So much easier to haul around

so much better in the water!

(You may have noticed that I used the copyright symbol after the quote “quiver in a bag©” above. I don't want to give too much away but hopefully by early April I will once again be offering my own line of surf mats! The enthusiast feedback from those of you who purchased my custom mats last time have encouraged me to make a few more mats available!

Of course times have changed and although I have not set the price of the new mats I do expect the prices to exceed last years levels. The cost of materials has skyrocketed!)

But still I have keep having thoughts of maybe something shaped like this

Photo from Zamora Surfboards blog

Done in what is commonly known as a "big heavy long board" in the classical style

A big blank, maybe a little wood,

hand shaped,

glassed with volan

A sturdy board

Glassed in fin,

Functional, but not so functional that it works like a Greenough

But not a D fin either, no point in trying to make the board work bad

I want to ride it not use it as wall art

If you are familiar with this style of board you know they can be quite fun to ride at a point break

I am not that fond of nose riding,

it has its place

of course

it can be quite fun


it doesn't dominate the experience for me

But there are times when riding a long board is fun and I think about a getting one

Will I ?

heck no

not when I have a mat to ride!

Mat photos courtesy of Daily Bread


Anonymous said…
so I take it you are still on the cough syrup...
Anonymous said…
"But I still have keep"?Wow,you have a castle keep?!No wonder you don`t think about a longboard...
I want an oubliette for all Japanese drop-in Channel; Island potato crisp riding tools!
23 Breaths said…
sense, you think, makes it should!?!!?
Anonymous said…
Master Yoda,Japanese grammar ,have a perfect grasp of it,you have...
23 Breaths said…
I would like to blame it on the cough syrup but I write that way

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