Caution Shelter Party this Saturday

Click on the picture for the FULL MOON


The moon with be at it's closest point to the earth all year on Saturday night for the party.

You know what they say about the full moon and parties ...


Proceed at your own risk!

This Saturday December 13th at Shelter Surf Shoppe:

Shelter Web Site

- A New Art Exhibition By Tyler Warren

- The Premier of the Tyler Warren Expiriments (a J Smart Film)

- Live Music by the Mattson 2

- Skateboard Demo by Pickle featuring his ant Tyler Moma’s new sidewalk sleds (TnT Skateboaords)

- 6 in the PM.. Always Free…Always Fun…

Shelter is located at 2148 E 4th Street in Long Beach 90814

If you read down this far this is for you.

You have been warned!

I did what I could.

If you insist on going,

Remember that Graham's a cool guy and has gone out of his way to collect a bunch of cool boards (and mats) for us to drool over so be responsible!

Have Fun and try not to burn the place down!


Anonymous said…
I have pre-paid my bail and started and IV drip...

Party on

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