Class! Class! CLAAASSS!

Good morning, class. Good morning, class. Class? Class!? SHUT UP!!!!! Thank you

Teacher of the year ASmith has the following info for the upcoming field trip

Looks like North Torrey Pines. If it's small the beachbreak will give us something to ride, if there is some swell the reefs to the north will offer some fun.

How does Saturday, May 3rd look?

North Torrey Pines:

Exit carmel valley road (in Del Mar) off of the 5
Head west (surprise!)
Three parking options-
1- Park in the state beach lot, far north end and walk under the bridge to the beachbreak. I think, but am not sure, that if you arrive before the state employees then you don't have to pay. I would double check.
2- Head farther up carmel valley road and park on the west side by all the chaparal and the auto repair place. Take the trail just north of the auto place down, under the bridge, and to the beachbreak.
3- Head still farther up carmel valley road and merge right onto torrey pines road. park on the west side of torrey pines road and walk down the cliff on the trail to the south end- emerging next to the bridge and the beachbreak.

Read the Surfmatz forum for the latest

I'm looking forward to it already!

Bonus point if you recognised the Cheech & Chong - Sister Mary Elephant bit


23 Breaths said…
It's on for May 3rd!
See Born to Lose blog or for the latest!

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