Blowin in the Pines?

All the votes aren't in yet but it looks like Torrey Pines, an early leader in the race, is making a come back at the location for the Spring Mat Gathering.

No word on the date yet.

I say Spring Mat Gathering, even though Clayfin came up with "Blowin' up 2008".

I like it! Not bad for a resin and foam guy.

Unfortunately, anything with the "Blowin Up" in the title would get us way too much attention from Homeland Security.

I have been trying to think (something I don't do often) about names and "Partially Inflated Surf Sliders" is about the best I can do. You can take it or leave it...

I think we might get promotional tie ins from Viagra and FloMax that way.

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Anonymous said…
Inflatable Adult Toy Convention - Spring 2008

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