Mat Rider Gathering

A Smith from San Diego surf blog Born-To-Lose has started to organize a gathering of mat riders in San Diego.

Click over to SurfMatz here to get the latest.

No word on the official name for the gathering ( a gaggle of mat riders, Nothing But Fins, "The Dale" has already been put to good use) so feel free to be creative and come up with a name.

Mostly this is so I have something offical sounding to tell my wife.

No word as yet as to which law enforcement agency, if any will be annoyed with us.


23 Breaths said…
looking for a good location and posible dates. don't be shy
6ftnperfect said…
Cardiff loves matters! Count me in.

How about "Blowin' up 2008"
23 Breaths said…
It seems there are a thousand places in Cardiff that look fun. I am up for it! ah just not this weekend

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