Spring Chores and Choices

Go check out Greenough's old mat over at Megatrough
Graham has it hanging in his shop

As for me, it is about time for my annual or semi-annual mat resurfacing.

Something to get done while the June gloom and spring winds prevail.

I surf a lot of sandy beach break and I rub off all the Vulkem 116 texture.

So every so often I have to order up some of the stuff (I am ordering a couple of tubes via Amazon) find where I left my caulking gun last and get busy.

Since the stuff smells a lot like a telephone pole my wife banishes me and the mat to the far reaches of the backyard for the duration of the procedure.

Now I have talked about this before and Surfmatz.com has a couple of great how to posts if you are interested.

My dilemma is what do I ride until the process is complete?

My first thought is just to go body surfing, mat riding is a lot like body surfing and I do love it.

But I don't mind a occasional stand up surf as well and if I don't ride my boards on a semi regular basis I fear a semi rigorous spring cleaning may whisk away a few.

So my basic choices are long board, hull, bonzer, fish or tri-fin.

Long boards are fun but well too long, if you know what I mean.

The hull is fun but I think that is the last board I rode, I remember because I still have the scar.

The bonzer is one of my favorites but I need to fix that ding.

The fish is always fun and since both of mine are dinged beyond repair...so that maybe the call.

I have several tri-fins in multiple lengths that could be a good call, depends on the surf and the location.

Maybe and add the the quiver is in order!

I have been looking at some fish shapes by Steve Pendarvis (Pendo Flex) and
Stan Pleskunas (Wibbulator).

Both of these designer / shapers have done some great work in creating truly flexible surfboards. I think they would be a hoot to ride...

(Hmmmm, Honey, did you invest that economic stimulus package in long term or short term bonds?).

Actually this is just why I love the mat.

I just bring it and shape it on the fly into whatever I want.


23 Breaths said…
So what do you ride when you aren't riding the mat?
Anonymous said…
When I'm not riding my mat, I'm usually swimming after it. I suggest a quiver of mats. There's no back-up for a mat like a mat.

23 Breaths said…

Excellant point! I must talk to Dale about that.

Still rockin Electric Spring by the way! Great Stuff!

Thanks again
asmith said…
If you get a wibbulator I want a try!
On another thought- how about that trestles area mat-meet?
Thomas said…
I have three mats, and that's it. My fish kneeboard from the 1970s is hanging on a wall in my house.

I vote for a mat-meet at Cottons!

T. Threinen
asmith said…

We've still got to get together. Summer vacation is almost here for me. That means a lot more surf time.

23 Breaths said…
All we need is a half decent swell.

Keep your eyes on the Southern Hemisphere!

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