I did it!

I over came my sloth and reapplied the Vulkem on my mat.

I know I did because I don't have sense enough to wear a respirator and the entire world smells like a telephone pole.

I applied the new stuff last night after work and it looked good this morning

Fun that the same atmospheric conditions that make for good wine, (warm days giving way to foggy nights) also makes for a quick cure for Vulkem.

But I digress

So when are we goin surfin?

The local FrogHouse crew scored at Cottons recently

I have next week off so anytime that week is good (the 4th is out).

My crystal ball says that Monday (6/30) may still have waves from the SW swell that peaks 6/28-6/29.

Any takers?

(I promise not to lock my keys in the car this time!)


asmith said…
Cotton's looks good in those pics. I'm on weekend only status for trips of longer than a couple of hours. I'm on Daddy duty for a few weeks.

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