So I went with the fish

I have a 6'3" that paddles like a long board but rides well enough for me.

My days of riding a 5"6" may be over.

All and all it was a good day.

Saturday's winds had mellowed out enough for a quick go a the local beach break.

Several things I noticed about stand up surfing (SUS?)

1 - Standing up with booties that I have filled with recycled coffee is like trying to surf with a kiddy pool strapped to each foot.

2 - Even though the water has warmed up I still went out with a full wetsuit and booties.Just because I always do, not a very good reason I will admit.

3 - While I have surfed long enough that leashes don't bother me they are still in the way.

4 - Just paddling with my arms for waves takes two of my major muscle groups out of the picture.

5 - Pearling up to my neck isn't so hard to relearn when you have been away for a while so that was one good thing.

I had to take a break from all this standing up-ed-ness so I locked my board in the car and grabbed my fins.

A couple of fun ones realigned my back, raised my spirits and exercised my legs enough to give the board another go.

First I skipped the booties.

Walking out with the sand under my feet was great!

I really need to trunk it more often!

I seem to get a glimmer of some old forgotten fishing skills and spent the rest of the session thinking of ways to modify the fish to flex more.

The final redesign has a foam band on each rail but with an inch of foam dug out in the center and re-glassed. (Think glass spoon but not dug out all the way to the bottom of the board and alot more foam left up under the chest for paddling)

A good day all together.

I think I will try to work at least one day of stand up fishing into the months a head.

I didn't get started on the mat resurface but should get going this week depending on the workload at work.

Regarding another mat go out.

This weekend is out but I am open after that.

I would like to shoot for some time with good swell.

I will be off the week of July 4th so I have a bigger window then.

But please don't wait on my account.


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