Ban the Bag!

Lots of offshore wind this morning.

Which should be a good thing but without any significant swell it is just a waste.

Which brings me to a deviation from the usual mat / matting / matter discussion.

Please use some heavy duty bags to bring your groceries home!

The light weight plastic bags are wrong on about fifty different levels.

I won't go into the details but it's worth it and you should go for it.

There are way too many of these bags flying around.

They are the new urban tumbleweed!

Checking the waves this morning I must have seen hundreds of these things being blown into the ocean.

Don't worry you will forget your canvas bags enough to have plenty of bags for trash etc.

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
On a related note...

Almost 3,700 volunteers turned out to do their part to make the 24th Great Oregon Spring Beach Cleanup a success. The entire Oregon coastline, 362 miles, was cleaned of debris that had accumulated during the stormy winter months. Volunteers removed an estimated 111,000 pounds of trash from Oregon's coastline.

The first Beach Cleanup in the nation was held in Oregon in 1984. Since then, annual beach cleanups have spread to every state in the Union, all US territories and more than 100 countries around the world.

In 2006, 358,617 volunteers picked up over 7 million pounds of trash from 34,560 miles of coastline nationwide.
Beetlejuice said…
The reason that plastic bags came about was to eliminate the need to cut trees down for paper bags,"paper or plastic?".Whereas paper bags used to be forboten,now its plastic that gets the bad rap. Soon we'll all be carrying those cute hemp metro tote bags for our groceries.
Anonymous said…
"those cute hemp metro tote bags", rock!
If it was good enough to write the Constitution on it is good enough to bring home the groceries.
Gazelle said…
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Gazelle said…
I once heard that the plastic shopping bag became known as S. Africa's "national flower" due to its prevalence blowing about the countryside.

Whole Foods and some other stores have new reusable heavy duty bags made from mostly recycled plastic bottles, priced at 99 cents. When the Whole Foods ones break or wear out, they'll recycle and replace them.

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