Greenough Tube

Just a quick post before I'm off.

I have always liked the Greenough tube shot above.

There are some up on the UK EBay signed by George himself!

Link to Ebay

Beats having "Dogs playing poker" up on the wall

PS real name of the piece is "a friend in need"


Okemah said…
I always dug this shot. One of George's more memorable "point-of-view" stills. However, a good deal of credit for this photo is bestowed on his good friend Harold Ward. George and Harold developed a still camera/motordrive within a custom waterproof housing, with the shutter being tripped via remote control! If you look closely at the poster, you'll see Harold bobbing on the inside with the remote. This whole setup was quite ingenious...for it allowed George to concentrate on his positioning while Harold fired away!
pranaglider said…
Okemah, I knew Harold worked on the housing but I didn't know he was working the shutter! Thanks for the info.
Anonymous said…
the dogs playing poker is pretty classic too

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