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Monday, May 5, 2008

A great time!

A great time over the weekend!

There were 6 of us at the May Mat Meet.

ASmith, KenDog, ChileDub, Tom Threinen, ThinkMat, and PranaGlider

You know you have a good crew when only one third can use their real names!

I think it worked out that we had a "Teacher of the Year" as well as a "World Renowned Artist" in the group to balance out the karma debt of the rest of us.

Solana came thru for us and the surf and conditions were fantastic.

If I hadn't locked my keys in the car it would have been perfect!

(To be fair, I had my car keys, I just wasn't driving my car! Really!)

If you couldn't attend, you missed out, but we had such a good time another meet is already in the works!

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23 Breaths said...

Anyone cotton to Cotton's for the next mat meet?