Memorial Day Weekend

I haven't been updating the blog too much as of late.

Like everything, this moves in waves and sets of waves.

So what we have here is a lull...

A few posts over at Frequent Rip Currents regarding some new movies out and the first of a three part-er interview with Mike Black the writer/director/star of Invasion of Planet C.

It's spring time in SoCal and so far this month I have seen good swells from both northern and southern hemispheres,

heat waves,



and four dollar gas.

This week as we prepare for the traditional three day weekend / Memorial day holiday we are monitoring decreasing swell and steady side shore winds.

The coconut wireless has tales of one hour windows of calm winds if you are in the right place at the right time.

These down times are options to pursue other interests or fix dings.

Since there are no dings in the mat I intend on whittling away a little on the pair of UDT's I bought a while back.

I would like to keep the length but mow a little off the support ribs.

When the weather mellows out I would like to propose another group go out, let me know if you are interested.


23 Breaths said…
I'll throw out Cotton's Point as a possibility. Just because it's been awhile since I surfed there.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
I vote the HB pier during black ball or late at night. Lefts into the pier no crowds, yummy!
warren p said…
udeets i am sorry i cut any length off mine
Anonymous said…
I agree. I still think the UDT's are best left alone. I own two pair, the blue marble ones and the black ones. They are very powerful fins and I don't see any need to alter them at all. They have made my legs stronger and I have no problem getting into any size wave.
23 Breaths said…
Anon-1, HB during black ball is always fun!

Warren, - I definately don't want to cut the ends off.

Anon-2, I have been mulling this over for years now and while they are great fins out of the box my personal set of aged legs can't move them as well as they deserve.
My plan is to remove a slight amount of the ribbing.

PS - As it turned out I didn't do any work on the fins. But the vegitable garden is looking nice!

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