Inflatable Toy Surf Meet

The incredible water color above by the equally incredible John Severson

Mr Smith has changed the coordinates of the ITSM -

I just checked the beach break again. It is not going to be the call. Let's move this party to a real reef!

Seaside reef and its cohorts will have waves and definition.

Inflatable Toy Surf Meet
Saturday, May 3rd.
Early until the wind kills it.
All are welcome. Bring your stoke.

Seaside Reef:

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Exit 5 onto Lomas Santa Fe
Head West (yes, west).
Turn North on PCH/101.
Seaside reef lot is the huge lot just north of Solana Beach. Its official title is South Carlsbad State Beach. If you reach Cardiff reef or the surrounding restaurants (Ki's, Olas, etc...) you've gone too far.
I would suggest gathering towards the south end of the lot.

There are bathrooms but you might have to pay to park $8. If you get there early enough it might be free, I'm not sure. Another option is to turn west onto Solana Vista just south of the lot. There is stairway access to the same stretch via some stairs.

This could be epic!


CF said…
even better, I will be there early with camera!
asmith said…
thanks for the post help, Prana. Can't wait!
asmith said…
The map looks perfect. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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