Good News / Bad News

Bad News

Kaser has lost his dear little friend "Slingshot"

It seems that just yesterday I saw him holding it underwater waiting for the side wave at the Wedge.

I know we all hope for a happy reunion soon.

If not he will be replaced by a fast food tray.

Good News

I got a late night email from Graham raving about his new Neumatic Contrail.

Graham is new to the mat, but it seems he is a natural.

It might be a good time to hit up the Shelter surf shop for the eminent sale on lovingly used hulls and fishes.

(Just kidding about Graham selling his HUGE personal collection of top drawer surfboards, but the shop is always fully stocked, so check it out)


Anonymous said…
Good news!
Kaser's slingshot has found his(?) way home!
Beetlejuice said…
Kaser is losing his mind!

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