Friday indeed!

I just wanted to say "thank you" to all of you who have stopped by the site to read and contribute to the discussion on mat inflation!

Since this is a key component to the "magic of the mat" I am always interested in sharing in the experiences of others.

I encourage everyone to try different levels of inflation under different conditions to see the wonderful effects passing a little gas can have.

I also wanted to note that the event at Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach is this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend!


Okemah said…
Yes...inflation is a big component in the mat's performance. It varies so much that it seems like a never-ending game. Once you get your pressure dialed in for optimum performance, there's nothing else like it in terms of speed and responsiveness! I'll be at Shelter Sat. night if you wanna talk mats!
23 Breaths said…
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Shelter show tonight.
Maybe I will run into you in the water.
Enjoy the show!
Anonymous said…
Inflation, deflation

Greatly influences a surf mat's speed and control... its buoyancy, responsiveness, flexibility, malleability, even its shape and size.

Incredible really. Unlike any other wave riding vehicle.
rspeer said…
23, Maybe you`ve seen this? you might find it interesting. "George Greenough discusses mat riding " on youtube. the URL is-
23 Breaths said…
bb, Great Stuff! That one and a couple of others are playing on the home page of A great resource for mat riders.

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