Another day in paradise

Surfed the shoulder high south swell that is the predominate direction for this time of year.

Lots of bait fish in the water today.

Not long after I noticed the fish the dolphins showed up.

They had a go with the fish and rode a couple of sets.

I always like to see any sea life in the water, it lets me pretend that the water isn't as polluted as it probably is.

One of those warm sunny days that the water look so good that I am taken in by the beauty of it all and just let the wave pass by un-riden.

Yes crazy, I know.

Also tried some shorter fins today.

I am always fiddling with something, but I think I will stick with the duck feet.

Looking forward to Sliding Liberia tonight

Well that's all for now, I have to see a man about a job...


asmith said…
Hey, Prana- have you gotten down to the reefs south of you this summer? I haven't made it north and the school year is almost here!
R.T. said…
Saw a documentary on PBS about Orca Whales— Their bodies are so full of high PCB levels that a washed up dead one needs to be treated as hazardous waste. A large number of the breeding adult males have died due to the effects of the PCBs, whereas the adult famales have not been so largely effected because the PCBs are fat soluble... So the nursing mother Orcas are able to rid their bodies of the pollutant through their milk. But it is being passed on to the calves in high doses. Many of the calves never reach maturity now because they are so poisoned by the PCB's which severely debilitates their immune systems, along with that the PCB's cause malformed reproductive systems in many of the calves that do reach maturity. All combined it is a complex problem that is threatening the future of the species.
Beetlejuice said…
thx for the info and goodtameetcha PranaG!
asmith said…
R.t.- Do you recall the name of the Docu or the date it aired?
R.T. said…
i just tried to find it on

looks like it's on KCET's NATURE programming. Film title: The Dolphin Defender, by Hardy Jones.

come to think of it thee was stuff about dolphins in the program as well, i just caught the film at the end when it was concentrating most on the subject of Orcas.
pranaglider said…
Smithy - not too much traveling this summer. Maybe we can get a group together.

RT - thanks for the info. So much damage to the food chain. It blows my mind. I'm planning on a blog shortly on this important topic.

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