The importance of training

I can't overstate the importance of training and being in shape.

I take it very seriously and would like to pass on some of the techniques that have worked for me.

This being an Olympic year the importance of starting early can't be over emphasized.

I started the summer by laying on the couch most of the month of July watching the Tour de France.

A light dinner then three hours TV.


I warmed up with a half an hour of highlights of the stage from the previous day.

Followed that up with two hours watching a bunch of possibly juiced up guys peddling through some of the best scenery anywhere.

My cool down regime consists of previewing the next days course and reviewing team and individual standings.

Hydration is very important (especially during the summer months) so make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

I have been favoring the Pope Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. (6.99 at Trader Joe's)

Now there wasn't a lot of recovery time between the Tour and the Olympics this year.

This can be a problem because your body doesn't have time to fully integrate all the training you have done previously.

If you have an injury at this point (heaven forbid) you may be out of the metals.

The big day arrives, the opening ceremony, the march into your media center, the traditional replacing of the batteries in the remote (if you can find it).

The crunch time begins.

10 am to 6 pm everyday!

Following that it's the 8 to midnight "prime time" show.

"Prime time" in this case means now we are going to show you the stuff you wanted to see all along.

You need to have the energy left for a kick every night for the final 10 to midnight section of the program.

If you were dining on salads and eating nutritiously during the previous month now is your chance to eat like a hog.

After all McDonald's is the official restaurant of the Olympics!

So go nuts.

On a personal note my Olympics has been up and down.

There are times when I've bonked on the couch for several events but so far I have been able to rally back.

We aren't at the finish line yet so it's too soon to tell.

Good luck!

PS Coming soon my DVD on how you too can watch TV like an Olympian!


clayfin said…
you couldn't have quit your job at a better time! Perhaps you can tell me if Spain got to wear their lighted swimsuits in synchro swim, they don't show that one during prime time.

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