It's been a good summer

Brazil by Ben DeCamp

Greetings all,

back at the keyboard once again.

It's been a good summer this year.

Not too much "June Gloom" and most days have been surf-able.

Went out at a local well known secret spot this morning.

I have surfed there for years but try to surf elsewhere since the run off is so bad.
Whenever I'm there I run into Kaser.

Today's run in was almost literal and he caught me tube dodging again.

I was teasing him about doing cover shots for "Surfmat Monthly".

Someone should really give the guy a job doing water photography.

If you are a regular reader of his blog you know he loves the water shot.

I did my best to run right over him but he held his ground,

a good trait in a photog.

(One of these days I need to mention to him that I am totally blind in the water and exercise little to no control on the wave.)


kaser_one said…
Blind in the water can be a good thing. I've seen plenty of guys surfing, and notice that I'm shooting them and it completely ditracts them.

Thanks again for the loaner on the matt, had a great big grin all the way down the face, and thanks again for the shot kudos. Your shot was the pic of the litter this morning!

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