Nature always bats last

The Fall Equinox isn't until next week but the bumper crop of tomatoes was over and like any tomato junkie will tell you that means only one thing.

Time to plant more!

Removed the old bushes and after battling the weeds planted three more bushes.

How many tomatoes you get totally depends of the weather. A lot like surfing really. Last year we had home grown tomatoes in the Thanksgiving salad.

It's kind of like an Easter egg hunt at the end of the season.

I love it when photos turn out sideways!

These were "volunteer" bottle tomatoes that I planted last year that came up on their own.

Nature always bats last.


Ramsnake said…
You garden is looking awesome Prana. Michelle and I have been inspired to do something similar and look forward to having tomatoes to bottle at the end of our summer too. Soil is clay based and very acid here so we are using raised garden beds made from zincalume. I'll post some pics on MCR when things have grown a little more than they are at the moment.
mattitude said…
Ramsnake use rice hulls and gypsum on that clay soil !!
tomatoes FTW

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