Come Hell or High Water

Finally the day has come when we get to see the newest Woodshed film

"definitely different than board surfing"

I like feel of the trailer and I am expecting good things from the movie.

I am planning a little experiment after the movie. You see the theater is about 100 yards from the beach. So out the theater door a quick stop for fins and you could be in the water in 10 minutes. That's how you know you have a truly great surf movie. You are so stoked you want to go surf. Now.

Let's see how many head to the closest beach for a quick session after the film. Drunks don't count.

The old Surf Theater in Huntington was two streets down from the pier, which was and still is lit up well enough at  night to surf next to the pier.  After a good movie it was a given. Cosmic Children, Forgotten Island of Santosha, Pacific Vibrations, Five Summer Stories all these movies were followed up with a surf.

How could you not?


Val said…
I love the bioluminescence video! Does anyone know the song and artist that's on there/ (sounds like Coldplay maybe.)

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