robo comments

This morning in my normal bleary eye fashion, I read the internets

Two comments on yesterdays post struck me odd,

"Hello all,
This is really very informative blog and it helps me a lot. Thanks for making such a informative blog for me.Buy bathroom towel warmer. Online shopping for Towel Warmers from a great selection of Bedding  Bath & more at everyday low prices."

I use some tools to monitor the goings on here and the aforementioned comment came from someone (something?) that had googled "blog spot towels" to find 23Breaths.  The hit came from the reference to "a magic towel" in the header.

I would be amused at the robo comments in the name of commerse and "Bed & Bath & more" (I'm a hard core Bed Bath and Beyond man myself) but since my Twitter account was hacked last night to instruct my readers to "click here for diet news",  I was not amused.


nathanoj said…
Ha! Since I started blogging I get more spam posts than real ones. I'm learning to recognise them now...the vague praise on my brilliant insight, and the links to some totally unrelated product!
Oh it really burns me when they slip in those links ;-)

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