Same as it ever was

There is an article by Woody Woodworth over at that you'll want to read.

The post is called Time Warp and contains the article by Woodworth about surf mats from a 70's issue of Surfer.

It seems that there was a time when the likes of Surfer Magazine would actually run articles that didn't directly support their advertisers and were just about having fun in the water.

Thanks to Woody Woodworth, who is still regarded as a local underground hero in these parts, for writing the article and to the editorial group at the time for running the article.
Gee I wonder what ever happened to that editor?  PG was the editor of Surfer back then ;)

While we are on the subject of out of print articles on surf matting, our own Ramsnake has a link on his blog Magic Towel Ride to several articles he has uncovered in his travels.

Good Stuff! 


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