CH or HW slight return

So the show was last night

 So even though the show was sold out, I had my ticket so it was all good

After the show Director Keith Malloy, CoProducer Mark Cunningham did a little Q&A with the audience.

Did I mention that the Wedge Crew was there?

Did I mention that generations of Wedge Crew were there?

Did I mention that Fred "Viper" Simpson was there!

Did I mention that Mel Thoman and Matt Larson were there?

Did I mention that after the show everyone went to Malarkey's?


A great shot of a parking meter with the lineup

So how was the movie?

Fantastic! Go see it. 

Buy a copy put in the video player and watch it over and over until you remember why you surf.


El Serracho! said…
wait, so you didn't like it?

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