It didn't take long

A bit of wild weather over the weekend

After of work week of temps in the 90's Friday things turned around and cooler moist air reminds me that Fall waiting just around the corner.

Then came Saturday

My first thoughts were to grab a quick surf before the wedding my wife and I were attending in the early afternoon.

Then the thunder started

Then the rain

So I got a cup of hot tea and sat on the porch to watch the rain

We didn't get any hail here but Dana Point had golf ball sized pieces and I saw pictures of lawns covered in Irvine.

There was a brief period when it really started coming down but then it let up a quickly as it started.

Sunday morning looked promising without a breath of wind.

I had torn out the tomato bushes and we had already brought some replacements with hopes of a fall crop.

By the end of summer I am totally dependent on a daily dose of tomatoes to make it through the day.

When they disappear I start jonesing.

Hey man do you know where I can score some free-range still on-the-vine heirlooms?

So I sacrificed my back to the garden gods and turned over the garden until I could plant three more bushes.

Then I went surfing

Tells you were my priorities lie.

Somehow everything came together, a light crowd at the beach, the sun was out and a shoulder high south was flowing over the sandbars at the local river mouth / sewage outfall.

I surfed my brains out,

it didn't take long.


That storm Saturday was something else.. I was gonna surf Sat. morning...but when I woke up to the house shaking and thought it was an earthquake.. Plans changed. HA!
pranaglider said…
SGofOC says there is a chance of the same thing on Tuesday. Plans changed indeed!

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