Fall is coming

so many ways to say it

fewer crowds
a more core crowd when the water temps finally dip
off shore winds grooming wind swell to perfection
solid NW swells
a chance of rain

Fall coming to a northern latitude near you!

I truly don't know what gets into me some times

I used an Internet Anagram thingy to come up with these

Calming Foils
Flaming Coils
Calif Smog Nil
Calf Log Minis
Magic Fills On
Calm Fig Lions (?)
Cola Film Sign
Mail Clogs Fin
All Comings If
A Cling Of Slim
A Sic Film Long
Clam If Long Is

Ok so now I am using a machine to come up with posts

a new low here on 23B?


pranaglider said…
funny, some how I expected "where are my Ugg boots" to come out of it. But alas not.
Okemah said…
"Flaming Coils"..Hah!
My favorite time of the year!
Saturday was our definite first Autumn surf. Colder water, grey and menacing. Solid swell with proper grunt behind it.

Good stuff.


Unknown said…
We never had a summer G.

Thats how I see trees ;-)

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