Heatwave Dreaming

Dealing with a bit of warm weather

Nothing out of the usual for August

But hot enough to disturb my sleep

and the dogs'

I kept having the same dream last night

or I had the same dream serially

I was going snow boarding

but never made it to the slopes

just keep circling through the prep, boots, binding etc

Funny thing is I don't snow board

no problem with it really

I even tried skiing in the 60's and 70's

seemed like fun

But when you have the Pacific

a couple of miles away

it didn't seem logical

to buy a bunch more stuff

and drive miles

to have fun


I always think the same (but oposite) about surfers in places like Finland. They pretty much exclusively get short period slop.

That said, I do love cold water surf but not knee high dribblebleow freezing!



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